Predictive Modelling of Online Conversions

ls it possible to predict the behaviour of my future website visitors?

  • Data: Clickstream data
  • Method:
    • Data Collection:
      • eCommerce web tracking
    • Data Analysis:
      • Random Forest, Support Vector Machine & Logistic Regression using scikit learn
  • Tools: Adobe Analytics, Python

Clustering of CRM Data

Can we identify different customer segments in our databases?

  • Data: CRM data
  • Method:
  • Tools: Python

Bayesian Hybrid Modelling of Transition Matrices

Is it possible to estimate a transition matrix of individual voter or user migration from aggregated data?

  • Data: GESIS longitudinal panel & official election statistic (Federal Election Commissioner)
  • Method:
    • Data Analysis:
      • Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Methods: Hybrid Multinomial-Dirichlet-Model:
  • Tools: R

User Trait Prediction Using Records of Driving Behaviour with Machine Learning

ls it possible to predict user traits based on records of driving behaviour ?

  • Data: Quantitative questionnaire data of individual demographics & time series of technical driving parameters recorded in different driving settings
  • Method:
    • Data Analysis:
      • Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Elastic Net Model
      • Functional Data Analysis Methods (e.g., Discrete Wavelet Transformation or Functional Regressions)
  • Tools: R (e.g., mlr-package)

Context-Dependent Gender Differences in the Initiation of Negotiation

How can gender differences in the initiation of negotiation about compensation be decreased?

  • Data: Qualitative interview data & quantitative questionnaire data
  • Method:
    • Data Collection:
      • Interviews
      • Online Questionnaires
    • Data Analysis:
      • Thematic Analysis
      • Statistical Inference & Hypothesis Testing
      • Mediation Analysis with Bootstrapping (Monte Carlo Method)
  • Tools: Qualitrics,SPSS (& PROCESS macro)