Fiona Kunz

As an economic psychologist (M.Sc.) as well as statistician (M.Sc.), Fiona has already worked on a variety of analysis projects in science, politics as well as economy.

Due to her multidisciplinary academic background and long-year research experience, Fiona does not only have excellent methodical skills in the collection of quantitative as well as qualitative data, but also experience in professional data analysis as well as visualisation in SPSS, R or Tableau. Knowing the perspective of market research as well as statistical modelling, her heart beats for the data-driven answering of strategic- and business-relevant questions.

Dominik Slezak

Dominik studied computer science (M.Sc.) and has several years of experience in digital analytics and web tracking. 

He is an expert in the implementation (JavaScript & HTML) and usage of the professional web analytics tools Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Furthermore, he uses data science techniques implemented in Python or R to shed light on complex business questions. His analytics projects cover a wide range of industry branches like automotive, TV, insurance, sporting goods and telecommunications. Last but not least, being a certified Tableau user, Dominik loves the beauty of simple but powerful data visualisations.